In the heart of Dalmatia, on Makarska Riviera, the princess of Adriatic is situated - Podgora, one of the most pictural places on the Riviera. With its 2880 inhabitants Podgora is situated 65 km south of Split and 135 km north of Dubrovnik.
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This warm Mediterranean paradise the sun shines more than 2750 hours per year, which makes Podgora one of the sunnier places in Mediterranean.The air temperature is in average more than 20 degrees Celsius from June to October. Beautifully clean sea can praise itself with yearly temperature that is in average more than 20 degrees Celsius. In summer period the temperature of the sea is between 25 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius. The winters are extremely mild and sunny, and the summers are long and warm with refreshing wind Maestral, the wind that unobtrusively brings from high seas the natural refreshment, which is highly needed in summer days. From other winds we have: north - eastern wind, which brings cold, and we have "yugo", the warm wind from the sea that brings humidity, and it's extremely popular with those who prefer the water sports like sailing, surfing and kittening.

Under imposing mountain-park of nature-Biokovo, bathed in the sun, lies 4 km of Podgora's coasts and life-full port for fishing boats. Podgora is known as fisherman's centre from ancient times. As well as in the other Dalmatian places, your eyes are attracted by boats in the port. Podgora's fleet of fifteen well equipped fishing boats is one of the biggest in this part of Dalmatian coast. East of Podgora there's a little settlement called "Caklje" with beach and new marina for small yachts and cabin cruisers.

There is a monument on the hill above the port, "seagull wings" built 1962. in the memory of founding war navy in the second world war.

Beside beautiful nature, pleasant climate and rich history kept in the old buildings and hundred years old olive fields, for the visitors Podgora offers very interesting cultural, sport and entertaining life. For active staying Podgora offers tennis, volleyball an basketball playgrounds. From water sports on your disposal are skiing, wind surfing, jet-ski rides and boat and speedboat rentals. Also, you'll be able to learn diving skills in one of the schools.

The tradition of organized tourism in Podgora lasts more than hundred years. We have been tending from the beginning, original values and treasures of our landscape in which we have dovetailed lots of hotel and accompanying contest for your vacations. And as one of our trump-cards: exceptional hospitality of our people, hosts, who are going to make you come again to this magnificent Adriatic coast pearl.